SRMS Celebrates it's 2500th Pregnancy!

SRMS Celebrates it's 2,500th Pregnancy With Triplets!

Specialists In Reproductive Medicine & Surgery opened in 1991, 27 years later, we celebrate!

Selamawit (Selam) Abraha was our 2,500th pregnancy in April 2017. Congratulations to SRMS and the new family of triplets delivered on Thanksgiving day, 2017!

Selamawit married Dr. Yeneneh (Yex) Desta in 2014. After moving to Southwest Florida, they decided to begin their family. They met Dr. Sweet in 2016 and he found complications from a previous medical condition and surgery made it impossible for Selamawit to become pregnant without in vitro fertilization (IVF). "I had always dreamed of having four children while my husband hoped for at least two children and thanks to Dr. Sweet, we were able to meet in the middle. Dr. Sweet transferred only two embryos but one split and we were overjoyed to have three children, completing our family." said Selam.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2017, the two identical baby boys, Amen and ZeRaquel along with their little girl, Wengel were delivered at 31 weeks gestation age at HealthPark Medical Center here in Fort Myers, Florida. The children were in the NICU for about 10 weeks hinally going home in time for Valentine's Day.

"This is certainly an amazing milestone for the practice," said Dr. Sweet. "We are excited to share the story of Selam and Yen as our 2,500th pregnancy in the hope that it will inspire otehrs to pursue their dreams of buildign their family, regardless of the obstacles we must overcome. There are so many stories over the past 27 years, but Salem and Yen are certainly one of the special stories that remind us why we do what we do year after year."

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Interested in what made up the 2,500 pregnancies?

The following is a condensed version of our data in detail supplement (click here):

31% (777/2500) of our pregnancies were lost

Of those that delivered, the following was true:

  • 79% (1301/1656 deliveries) were singletons
  • 19% (317/1656) were twins
  • 2% (36/1656) were triplets
  • 0.1% (2/1656) were quadruplets

Together, there were 12,958 lbs. of baby delivered!

Overall, 515 (1038/2051) were girls and 49% (1,013/2051) were boys!

To review the 2,500th Pregnancy Celebration Supplement, Data in Detail, please click here.


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