Nelson Family* Twins

As we watch our two babies grow bigger and stronger with each passing day we find ourselves so amazed and in awe! It’s sometimes easy to forget what we went through to get here, but when we stop and remember, we get so emotional! What a very long road it has been!!

Our journey has been like a roller coaster. Back and forth, up and down, starting with who had the issues. At first it was my husband and with a lot of work and prayers, Dr. Sweet was able to help his body produce sperm for the first time! We were so excited because he had been told since he was about 14 that he would never have children of his own. We couldn't wait to make our baby!!

When nothing happened, we found out I had issues. I had two surgeries, one to open my damaged fallopian tubes, and when that did not work, one to remove my left tube and try once more to make the right one work. Once again we were anxious and excited to try to have the family we have been dreaming oft Again it did not work. Making the decision to go ahead with the IVF was not an easy one. So many factors to consider, one of the biggest one being what if we spent all that money and it didn’t work??? After lots of discussions and prayers, we finally decided to go for it!

Thank God for Dr. Sweet and his entire staff because it worked on the first try!! We will NEVER forget how we felt when we got that phone call! We had een waiting so long to hear those words!! " You are pregnant"!!!! All the time, shots in the belly, shots in the butt, pills, appointments, expenses, laughter and tears had all been so worth it! Our prayers had been answered, we were finally going to have our family!!

When we went back a few weeks later for our first ultrasound, Dr. Sweet then said we have twins!! Our prayers had been doubly answered! We had a scare at about 13 weeks into the pregnancy with bleeding from a placenta previa. I went on bed rest for a few months and the problem cured itself. The rest of the pregnancy was a beautiful thing!

And now that we have our two baby boys we are so much in love with them! They are truly angels! I hope that anyone having a difficult time and struggling to make the choices we made can find a little comfort and reassurance in our story and the stories of all the other families that Dr. Sweet and his staff have helped to create. I know it helped and encouraged us to know that others have been in the same place and have gotten the families they dreamed of. The best thing we would tell anyone going through this is NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER LOSE FAITH!!! If you are with Dr. Sweet, you are in the best of care and if anyone can make your dreams come true, he can! Thank you to all of the staff at SRMS for making our dreams come true! We will never forget any of you and can’t wait to bring our boys in to meet every one! God bless you and keep you all as you continue making miracles happen!!

Ozzie & Harriet Nelson*

Dr. Sweet’s Comments:
This case brings back a flood of memories. I remember first meeting Ozzie. He had been born with a problem wherein the normal hormones released from the pituitary gland to drive the testes to make sperm and testosterone were not released. My first goal was to increase his testosterone and I used a protocol that was designed to do just that and only that. There had been only a couple of reported cases where starting with this recipe also initiated sperm production, but none of us were expecting such a great result. When we checked, he had normal sperm where none had ever existed before!

They tried for a while but when pregnancy did not occur, we focused on Harriet. We were not expecting a laundry list of problems including obstructed tubes, pre-diabetes, pelvic adhesions and even endometriosis. She was one of the rare patients I actually had to operate twice on to try to correct the numerous problems. Even after surgery, their options were very limited and IVF was truly their best option.

The IVF cycle went beautifully. She provided 17 eggs with 15/15 fertilizing. We transferred only two embryos and they had the proverbial “two-for-one sale” of twins!

The story didn’t stop there. They had a difficult decision to make regarding their three cryopreserved embryos. They made the amazing gift of donating them to a needy couple! Wow! After working so hard and getting their two children, they were able to find it within themselves to give their embryos a chance at life with another loving family.

This was a very special couple. I was very proud of what we all did together. What a set of complex problems and what an amazing outcome. I have a saying, “How do you eat an elephant?” My answer is, “One bite at a time.” I think we all felt the problems were piling up but by addressing each one separately, each issue was properly addressed.

I am still left humbled by the trust patients such as these bestow on my practice and me. It is the greatest compliment they can ever give.

*Names have been changed.

updated 6/9/09
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