Our Story

This is not the way I would normally start a letter or a testimonial, but I would like to start our story by saying that Dr. Sweet truly is a miracle worker who saved the life of our daughter and possibly my own. Without Lorrie, Dr. Sweet and his staff we would be telling a very different story.

Our story is not unlike many others. We waited until we were in our thirties to start our family and soon had a beautiful daughter. After many years of working and building our careers, we were ready to add another child to our family, but after several years of trying, we were not having any success. My OB referred us to Dr. Sweet and after doing all of the required tests, Dr. Sweet told us that my ovaries were a “bit” older than my physical age and we had a two percent chance of getting pregnant on our own each month.

That was not encouraging news, but he went on to explain that with Clomid and IUI our chances would be close to about 15 to 17 percent a month. These were closer to normal odds, so we were willing to give Clomid and IUI a shot. After about five months, just as we were beginning to discuss whether we should continue after the sixth month, we found out we were pregnant!

I am a runner and Dr. Sweet felt I could continue to run as long as I was feeling good. In my seventh week I had some spotting after a run and generally did not feel well so I held off on the running. Although I was worried, we had our first ultrasound scheduled a couple of days later and I knew the staff would be able to check things out.

Our daughter came with us to the ultrasound. She was so excited to see the baby that would be her brother or sister. At first there was nothing out of the ordinary during the ultrasound. Lorrie checked the embryo and everything looked great! She decided to check my ovaries just to make sure there were no cysts and to her surprise, and ours, she found another embryo. From that point it seemed as though time stood still and at the same time sped by. You see, I had a heteroectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Sweet immediately came into the room and explained that while I was carrying an embryo in utero, I was also carrying an ectopic pregnancy. At first I was certain this was not a problem and Dr. Sweet could just move the embryo, but he explained that this was a very rare condition and he would have to remove the ectopic pregnancy, hoping the in utero pregnancy would survive. Dr. Sweet had only performed this surgery twice before in all his years of practice and only one of these surgeries was successful.

Dr. Sweet has a plaque in his office given to him by the family who previously had been through this heteroectopic pregnancy successfully. He brought that plaque in to show us and assured all of us he would take very good care of me and that he would do everything he could to make sure I would carry the in utero pregnancy to full term. My husband and daughter took me to the hospital immediately, Dr. Sweet met us there, and with my head still spinning I was in undergoing surgery. As a segue here, we were honored to have Dr. Sweet ask if he could film the surgery since it is so rare, for lecturing and teaching purposes.

Skipping ahead, Dr. Sweet now has another plaque hanging on the wall in his office. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who weighed in at 6 lbs. 15 oz. and is just as beautiful as her sister. It is now two years later and we have decided to try to add another child to our family. We don’t know what our chances are, but we know we are in the best hands possible. We all trust Dr. Sweet with our lives…literally.

Much Love to Dr. Sweet and his staff,

Denis, Susan, Ciara, and Sophia Hill

Dr. Sweet’s comments:
I remember this family quite vividly. We were very fortunate to get Susan pregnant in light of the reduced ovarian reserve. The amazing part was the fact that she actually got pregnant with twins with one of the twins becoming lodged in the Fallopian tube. There was even a heartbeat with the ectopic pregnancy. Left on its own, it would have ruptured placing Susan and the unborn intra uterine pregnancy at significant risk. We took her to surgery that day and removed the tube without harming Sophia who was resting inside the uterus.

My Nurse Practitioner gets all the credit. Lorrie Posegay, ARNP, did a great job and did not stop checking things out even when finding the healthy pregnancy in the uterus.

I really did bring in the plaque that the first couple presented me after the same situation occurred many years ago. I thought this would be a concrete way for Susan and her family to see that she was going to be OK. It was almost as though the first couple took Susan by the hand as we headed to the operating room.


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