Our Story:
Dear Dr. Sweet and Staff:

My wife and I had been trying for eight years, unsuccessfully, to have a child when we came to you in August of 2002. We had been to another fertility specialist prior to seeking your assistance, where she had been misdiagnosed and given a treatment regimen, of which I am now convinced, would have never been successful given her true medical condition. We wasted about one year of our lives and money with that bogus approach.

We also tried to adopt a child in the United States with the aid of an adoption attorney. This fiasco went on for about two years with much emotional pain and anguish that was fraught with deceptive legal practices and birth mothers who sought to capitalize at the expense of a desperate adoptive couple. We found that many birth mothers would literally auction their fetus to the couple with the highest bid, even when promised to someone else. From our experience, the baby adoption game was the most corrupt business practice you could imagine.

By the time we met you and your staff, we were reluctant to get our hopes up because of all the disappointments we had experienced in the past. We were optimistic when we met with you and you stated that in vitro fertilization offered the most promise for us to conceive a child. We were also particularly impressed with the caring nature and professionalism of you and your staff. So we decided to begin the long tedious journey ten months ago that seemed so far away from the day we would actually hold our own baby in our arms.

So we decided to implant two healthy embryos into my wife's uterine wall after we were advised to do so and after many prayers to God. Eureka, we were blessed with both embryos development into male fetuses. After a long series of blood tests, ultrasounds, hormone injections, genetic counseling, perinatology monitoring and numerous anxious moments, the day came to let the obstetrician do what he did best, that was, deliver our precious packages into the world.

The day finally arrived on May 31, 3003, that my wife went into labor at the North Collier Birth Center at 6:10 pm, amidst tears and laughter, we were blessed with two baby boys, Max Henry and Jack Michael, born ten seconds apart by Cesarean section. It was the greatest culmination of joy and relief that one could possibly imagine. For this gift, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to you and your staff for all the expertise, support and pleasant memories during the process. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful way you impact people's lives every day, most notably ours.

I have often remarked to my wife that I would have the same fondness for you and your staff, and would extol your name and your practice to others, even if the outcome of your treatment had been different and were not blessed with these two beautiful baby boys. This being so because my wife and I both know that every person in your office not only did everything humanly possible for us to succeed, but they cheered us on in the process and supported us when we were on our proverbial "last nerves".

Thank you all again for all of your love and support!

Names withheld upon request-

Comment From Dr. Sweet:
I recall this couple quite well. Their most significant issue involved an anatomical problem. The difficult decision was to decide if surgery would help them or if it was better to move directly to IVF. It would appear that we made the correct decision. A rapid and wonderful success!

It will be interesting to see if they will be "crazy" enough to transfer their frozen embryos to further expand their family. While it is very doubtful that they will all survive, there are ten embryos frozen awaiting their decision!

The team wishes the entire family happiness!



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