Dear Dr. Sweet,,

Three years ago, my husband and I wanted to start a family. After a couple of years and no luck, my family suggested I see Dr. Sweet. At first, I was in denial and, to be honest, scared of what I might find. After another six months and still no baby, I finally made the appointment with Dr. Sweet. This was August of 2008.

After a couple of minor procedures, Dr. Sweet discovered I had polyps in my uterus and diagnosed me with PCOS.

I had minor surgery in January to remove the polyps and in February (1st month trying after surgery), my husband and I discovered I was pregnant! A moment I’ll never forget was when my husband and I were standing in the kitchen holding each other in complete bliss over the news…we then realized there were now 3 heart beats between the two of us!

Now we have a beautiful healthy baby girl, Berlyn Celia Rodriguez. She is the joy and happiness in our lives! Jose and I are forever grateful to Dr. Sweet and his wonderful staff.

Dr. Sweet was calm and patient with me throughout his experience. He was very direct and honest. I remember sitting in his office scared of the news I would find and he said to me, “Nothing is changing. You came in with these symptoms and you’re walking away with those same symptoms…now you just have a name for them.” That statement put me at such ease.

I learned from this experience never allow fear to hold you back. The hardest part of this experience was making the initial appointment, but now my husband and I have our baby girl and look forward to expanding our family! We enjoy every moment with her and are in this bubble of full and complete contentment.

Thank you, Dr. Sweet! You are a true blessing to so many! Words can never describe the joy, love and fulfillment you and your staff bring to so many families! May your life be full of magical moments…just like the one you’ve given us! Thank you!

With sincere gratitude and love,

Jose, Patience and Berlyn Rodriguez

Comment From Dr. Sweet:
I recall this couple quite well. She was rapidly diagnosed with a very common ovulatory dysfunction called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The polyps were a distraction and needed to be dealt with but, fortunately, came back benign.

They had such difficulties for over three and one-half years. A secret “sauce” was initiated and she rapidly ovulated and conceived. In reality, I simply got her ready. Her husband gets all the credit!

Patience was one of my “skinny PCOS” patients. If I gave her the wrong medications, she would potentially release way too many eggs and get her own reality TV show!

In reality, I was quite pleased we were able to do this so quickly with minimal intervention.

I wish them all the best!

updated 1/10/10

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